JROTC News article september 20-30th


The Buckwheat Parade is coming soon and the JROTC program is going to march with the Buckwheat Parade. The JROTC cadets have been practicing after school every Monday evening. The first Practice started September 5TH 2023, the last practice is September 25th 2023. The Parade is going to consist of a color guard, commander, staff color guard, service flags, rifle exhibition and along with the company formations.

JROTC NEWS ARTICLe November 9th-10th

JROTC News Article 1

For our JROTC cadets, they’re having a few Color Guard missions this week. The first is on November 9th at East Middle School (Terra Alta) around 12:30 for our veterans. These cadets are ready with the help of cadet Private First Class Holly Nelson who will lead the Color Guard which consists of cadets Jacob Hensley, Alexander Rinck, and Harleypaig Rinehart. Overall they had good and bad things happen during the Color Guard, Some good things that happened were, they practiced as many times as they could. They were confident, and had a dessert after. Some things that the Color Guard could work on is staying in step with one another.

Other cadets have a Color Guard the next day, November 10th, at Bruceton and Central Preston Middle School. Don’t forget the home of the JROTC Knights Battalion Preston High where we held an assembly for our veterans on November 10th where the battalion contributed a Color Guard, Service flag bearers, a platoon of rifles, and a sabre arch for the veterans to walk through.

Bruceton will have a Color Guard with 4 cadets Isabella Shafer, Zeb Greaser, Landon Dillsworth, and Gavin Chambers. They were lead by cadet Second Lieutenant Isabella Shafer, on their mission they did an AAR (After Action Report) where the good things that the Bruceton Color Guard thought were, they were all in step, they faced the right way, good military bearing, good cadence, looked sharp and their leader had a good loud command voice. Some bad things the Color Guard did was a gap between the first and second cadets, walking in the same spot when turning. Overall though the Bruceton Color Guard got the job done, cleaned up nicely, and did a good job.

Central Preston Middle School had a Color Guard as well with the following cadets Tristan Watring who was leading, and Joshuah Turbi, Jessie Stone, Grady Hahn, and Leyah Calvert. Their opinions on the Color Guard is they all did left and right columns good, in step, and following commands correctly. Some bad things the cadets mentioned were route finding, hitting the flag off the basketball hoop, and raising command voice.