Raider Team

Raider team is the more physical competing team. They do anything from running 5K's, knot tying, making a rope bridge, & PT


Rope bridge

Raiders tie a Swiss seat and cross a rope tied between two poles as quickly as they can

Litter carries

Raiders carry a litter through an obstacle course without dropping the "patient"


Raiders must pass through an obstacle course without falling as fast as they can


Raiders must run as a team in a 5 kilometer race against other teams

The Raider team must wear the OCP uniform to school every Wednesday for practice, and there is also practice on Friday but the OCP uniform is not required.

There is an A team and a B team, the A team is made up of the best cadets on the Raider team they're the ones who go to the competitions, the B team is for the alternates for those on the A team who aren't able to make it to the competitions, both teams attend after school practice every Wednesday, and Friday.